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Self-care isn't selfish.

Here at LuxeVibes Co. we encourage the importance of prioritizing your self-care and making a conscious decision to show up for yourself simply because you deserve it.

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  • Tracey

    “Smells AHHHMAZING! An unlike other wooden wick candles that I’ve purchased, the flame stays lit, burns evenly, leaving no tunneling of the wax. I’m so glad I came across this company!”

  • Michael

    “The room spray from LuxeVibes is incredibly effective, one spray freshens up the room immediately. I love it and would highly recommend.”

  • T. C.

    “I’m in LOVE with these candles! They smell so good even when they are not burning.”

  • Kim

    “These candles smell amazing and last for quite a while!”

  • Mitchell

    “Candles smell exactly as described and have a strong scent. Some of the best candles I’ve ever had.”

  • Ashlee

    “The packaging alone let me know these candles we about to be lit!

    She did a beautiful job with presenting her product. Very thoughtful and attentive.

    Now the candle itself really made me excited because I love a wood wick; the sound really relaxes me.

    I got selcouth, serendipity, and y top favorite, arcane. It’s something about the notes in that one. They are 10/10 for me.

    Okay. Now stop thinking about it and place your order! :-)”